Treatment Testimonials

Our Cancer Touch Therapy rituals are designed to be utterly nurturing and relaxing for clients. Here are some testimonials to reveal how clients feel after enjoying the treatments.

“The whole experience was out of this world!” 


“The most relaxed I have ever felt in a treatment. Loved it, pure bliss – 100% would have this treatment again.” 


“It was time out for the body & mind that feels bombarded every day – I loved it; and enjoyed every part”


“Very much enjoyed it and would recommend;  first time in weeks without pain”


“The Hand On Heart (is), an absolutely blissful hour of floating away into a pain free space, the touch so soothing and gentle you can’t help but breathe slowly and deeply and relax and fall into a meditative state.  The aromas are sublime and transport you into a space of deep relaxation.  My skin and scalp (which has been battered by intensive radiotherapy) felt like velvet to touch afterwards and I felt as though I was glowing with an inner radiance from the combination of the aromas and relaxation. ” AS, County Durham


“It was the most relaxing massage session I have ever experienced. The massage was gentle but deeply relaxing and the products used enhanced the whole process beyond my expectations.  Afterwards, I felt so well and having suffered from insomnia due to the chemo regime I am on, I slept so well and was still feeling the effects the next day. I can highly recommend this massage, in fact I have already booked another Cancer Touch Therapy session at my local spa.” DK, Cornwall